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Access and Evacu8
DirectMii & Evacu8Me phone app

EvacU8ME emergency evacuation smart phone application (app) is a revolution and the next evolution in communication from paper and poster plans to personalised inter-reactive digital technology.

Does anyone know I am here? is the the single biggest quote in our consultation with disabled people when asked about evacuation plans in buildings

Access and Evacu8 Ltd have created a smart phone app: that is simple to use and will revolutionise personal emergency evacuations plans for disabled people and the general public as well.

Emergency evacuation relies on two things; who needs evacuating and how they are evacuated.

Evacu8me mobile phone app and business interface brings a two way communication between the person and the building manager or person responsible for evacuation. This can be done by QR code, wifi, bluetooth,

e-mail or even text and a hard copy (paper version) can also be made available