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Access and Evacu8 has brought together the best people in the field of disability access and egress. with over 100 years of experience and knowledge we identify the most appropriate solution to our clients needs.

We have and will continue to work with some of the most influential and important organisations and people in the field of disability issues.  

Our Experts have provided services, information and consultation to some of the UK largest and well known companies such as:


Intu Trafford Shopping Centre

Premiere Football Clubs

Theme Parks and Visitor Attractions

Local Authority Buildings around the Country

Airports and Cruise Liner Terminals

Shopping Malls and out of Town Centres

Universities, Schools and Colleges

Hospitals, Private Clinics and Health Spa’s

Tourist Accommodation and Hotels

Our current portfolio and reach is global with clients in every continent

Mike Elkerton, with Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

It gives us great pleasure to announce that our very own Mike Elkerton been appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in the 'Queens New Year Honours List for 2016'.

'For Services to People with Disabilities Nationwide and for Charity in the North West England'. Well done from the team at Access and Evacu8.

Access and Evacu8 are proud to announce their Mediation Services for businesses and disabled people. Since the loss of the DRC (Disability Rights Commission) there are very limited resources for positive and solutional mediation between companies and disabled people.

Our new service has a free initial consultation for either party (which in most cases settles the dispute) via phone, skype conference or in person at an independent meeting place. (We have our own mediation suite, based in the North west.)

Mike Elkerton MBE has many year experience of successful mediation for large companies, individuals and support organisations and he quotes “I have seen many cases of dispute that can be easily settled yet there seems to be no apparent mechanism for this. I am passionate about building bridges and mediation leads to a more diverse and inclusive society that has a positive impact for all”

Access and Evau8 has a team of five disability officers with over 100 years of experience and expertise in a very diverse sector of business and society.

Our third sector Partner organisations can also be called in to arbitrate complaints and issues and with their added expertise we cover all forms of disability and every sector of business.

If you are a business you can register free and have instant access to first point of call advice.

Disabled people and organisation can also contact us for free advice and on the process of mediation. If that fails the actions and guidance on taking legal litigation, including possible financial support for taking a small claims case to court, is an additional area that we can help with too.

In-line with our new mediations services, Access and Evacu8 now can offer Disability Public & Media relation services in respect of issues around disability that a company or organisation might develop with journalists, or the public on allegations of disability discrimination.

We have a track record of successfully developing a strong relationship with journalists, bloggers and content writers who may be eager to hear what our clients have to say and can provide our client with invaluable access to the public.

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Consideration of Disabled People for Emergency Evacuation.

As part of our drive to raise awareness of the evacuation procedures for disabled people, we now offer a specialised service; Disability Emergency Evacuation Audits.

If you need answers to any of these question please contact us, we have five disability access and egress specialist with solutions to your issues or concerns. To introduce ourselves we now offer this service as a stand alone offer. Call Mike Elkerton MBE. on +44 151 345 3360

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This review has been undertaken by Access and Evac-u-8 Ltd., one of the most experienced companies working in the field of access and evacuation for disabled people in the UK.

The review comes at a time when the country is bracing itself against an imminent terrorist attack the nature of emergency evacuation in the United Kingdom is changing. Disabled people are more visible in the community today, the need for service providers to develop evacuation plan for disabled people has increased in importance.

Disabled people, like everyone else, are frightened and reading stories of disabled people being abandoned for 25 minutes during an emergency evacuation in a well know department store does not help. The same store was evacuated 4 months later when an employee mistook a ticking security tag for a bomb.

There was also the shopping centre in Cheshire that temporarily banned people with mobility problems because, in their view, they may be unable to escape in an emergency.

These stories are not uncommon and are widely reported in the local and national media as well as the social networks.

The evacuation of disabled people was broadly omitted from The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 with attention being focused on getting disabled people into premises, when, of course, if disabled people are to fully use the building, there is also an obligation to enable them to leave safely.

“The safe evacuation of disabled people is a problematic area for policy makers and one that has not received sufficient attention to date”. This statement appears in Management Practice page 4 paragraph 3 it would seem that this statement is as equally as true in 2016 as it was when the supplementary guide was first published in 2007



Improving Mobility Creates More Inclusive Societies

But when MASIS talks about mobility, we are talking about removing the barriers to participation that people with impairments face.  In doing this, MASIS is continuing to strive towards developing a more inclusive and equal society for disabled people and individuals with long-term health conditions.

Masis aim is to provide appropriate and relevant information that addresses the barriers that disabled people and people with long term health conditions face. We also aim to ensure that people can find effective solutions to the barriers they encounter, through the provision of appropriate signposting to professional services.

Access and Evacu8 are proud to support Masis and all their great work